Making custom frames for your photos

Three Advantages To Visiting A Professional For Your Framing Needs

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When you have a special piece of art, a prized document or a cherished family heirloom that you wish to display in your home, the first decision you’ll have to make is choosing between buying a frame at your local big box store or visiting a framing center to order a custom job. While the former choice can have some advantages, the latter option is ideal for a wide range of reasons — each related to the fact that when an experienced professional is handling the work instead of yourself, you’ll be significantly more pleased...

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What To Do With Your Vacation Souvenirs

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Cleaning out that old storage closet can be a pain, but you finally got it done!  And in the process, you’ve discovered some old treasures that mean a lot to you, including souvenirs from trips you’ve taken in the past.  It seems such a pity to put them back in a box, and store them away for the next time you decide to clean out the closet, but do you really want to set them out on a shelf to get all dusty?  Why not frame them and hang them on the wall, to share your memories with everyone? Make it Unique The great...

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