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Three Advantages To Visiting A Professional For Your Framing Needs

When you have a special piece of art, a prized document or a cherished family heirloom that you wish to display in your home, the first decision you'll have to make is choosing between buying a frame at your local big box store or visiting a framing center to order a custom job. While the former choice can have some advantages, the latter option is ideal for a wide range of reasons -- each related to the fact that when an experienced professional is handling the work instead of yourself, you'll be significantly more pleased with the finished product. Here are three different advantages to visiting a framing center.

Proper Protection

When you buy a generic frame at a store and place your item inside it, you're not taking any precautions to ensure that the special item stays protected. Framing professionals take a multi-point approach to ensuring that your item will stay safe. This includes using special glass that will block ultraviolet rays and prevent them from fading or otherwise damaging your item. The framing professional will also ensure that the frame fits perfectly so that your item isn't pressed in so tightly that it becomes bound to the frame over the years, making it impossible to remove without damage.

Right Frame And Mat For The Item

Framing professionals have advanced knowledge that will help them show you some frames and mats that will best suit your item. Whereas you're bound by whatever is in stock at a big box store and limited by your lack of experience with framing, visiting a framing center will help to ensure that the frame and mat don't compete with your special item. Sometimes, you'll be encouraged to think outside the box and go with a subtle frame and a wide mat, for example, to give some pop to your item. The professional will also often use specific formulas such as the Golden Ratio to ensure that your framed finished product has an overall shape that looks pleasing to the eye when mounted on your wall.

Artistic Capabilities

Those who work at framing centers often have strong artistic capabilities that can help to give your framing job the pizzazz that it would lack by doing the job yourself. Whether it's an unconventionally shaped item that won't fit in a standard frame or some creative approaches to give a three-dimensional item a one-of-a-kind framing job, your local framing professional will use some artistic flair to give your item a truly original look. Click here for more information about framing.